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GraphConnect New York

What’s New in Neo4j 2.0 – Andreas Kollegger @GraphConnect NY 2013

Andreas Kollegger is a leading speaker and writer on graph databases and Neo4j and the bridge between community and developer efforts. He works actively in the community, appearing at meetups around the world and promotes the larger Neo4j ecosystem of projects.

How to Make Interactive Graph Visualizations – Corey Lanum @GraphConnect NY 2013

This talk will talk discuss the process of creating the graph data model in such a way to make interactive visualizations easy, and outline key pointers on how to allow useful interactions with your data.

Route Finding in Time Dependent Graphs – Nima Montazeri and Ben Earlam @GraphConnect NY 2013

Nima and Ben will share some of the experiences of modelling Manchester’s Metrolink network while building a real-life application – Tramchester.

Graphing the Marvel Universe – Peter Olson @GraphConnect NY 2013

This talk will give an overview of why graphs are such a powerful conceptual framework for modeling intellectual property and how Marvel uses them to represent the 70 years of fictional content from many different media that makes up the Marvel Universe.

Data Modeling – Michael Hunger @GraphConnect NY 2013

Michael covers modeling business domains using graphs and show how they can be persisted and queried in Neo4j.

A Little Graph Theory for the Busy Developer – Jim Webber @GraphConnect NY 2013

Jim explores the powerful analytic techniques for graph theory and shows how powerful and accurate graph theory can be in business intelligence and predicting outcomes.

The Five Graphs of Finance – Philip Rathle and Emil Eifrem @GraphConnect NY 2013

This session will investigate the Five Graphs of Finance and explore the most innovative use cases for graph databases in finance, exemplified by actual production deployments from leading financial services companies.

Welcome and New Opportunities for Connected Data – Emil Eifrem @GraphConnect NY 2013

Emil looks at how size, structure and connectedness have converged to transform the data landscape. He then goes on to look at some of the new opportunities for creating end-user value that have emerged in a world of connected data, illustrated with practical examples drawn from the telecommunications, social media and logistics sectors.

Hadoop and Graph Databases (Neo4j): Winning Combination for Bioanalytics – Jonathan Freeman @GraphConnect NY 2013

This talk will describe a prototype application designed to demonstrate the ability to utilize both Hadoop and Neo4j for Big Data analysis.

Data Modeling in Telecoms – Craig Taverner @GraphConnect NY 2013

In this talk we’ll focus on some of the details of how you actually build working graph data models that solve real cellular telecom operational problems.

Neo4j Lessons Learned: A Startup’s Experience – Aseem Kishore @GraphConnect NY 2013

Aseem Kishore of FiftyThree will be speaking about his experiences building an early-stage startup, The Thingdom, on Neo4j and Node.js: why he and his team chose to build on a graph database, how they did it, and what lessons they learned along the way.

Hadoop and Graph Databases (Neo4j): Winning Combination for Bioanalytics – Jonathan Freeman @GraphConnect NY 2013

This talk will describe a prototype application designed to demonstrate the ability to utilize both Hadoop and Neo4j for Big Data analysis.

Graph Applications for the Enterprise, Fast – David Colebatch @GraphConnect NY 2013

LightMesh quickly launched its next generation SaaS CMDB despite the challenge of a complex business domain by leveraging the xnlogic framework with Neo4j. In this talk, David will take you through some of the gotchas of enterprise application development with graphDB and how to solve them.

Graphs Opening Medical Care Information – Dave Fauth @GraphConnect NY 2013

The current DocGraph social graph was built in Neo4J. With new enhancements in Neo4J 2.0, now was a good time to rebuild the social graph. The goal of this session is to show participants how simple it is to perform basic graph analysis of a healthcare dataset.

DIY Graph Search – Max De Marzi @GraphConnect NY 2013

Facebook Graph Search has given the Graph Database community a simpler way to explain what it is we do and why it matters.

Designing and Building a Graph Database Application – Architectural Choices, Data Modeling, and Testing – Ian Robinson @GraphConnect NY 2013

Ian closely looks at design and implementation strategies you can employ when building a Neo4j-based graph database solution, including architectural choices, data modelling, and testing.

Care Beyond the Hospital with Curaspan – Gino Pirri @GraphConnect NY 2013

Curaspan Health Group is leveraging Neo4j to enable advanced searching and security features in its next generation patient transition platform.

From Dev to Dev: How Jibe Uses Neo4j – Tero Paananen @GraphConnect NY 2013

Come and find more about how Jibe leverages Neo4j to power a best of breed mobile job applications solution for enterprise clients. Tero will show how Jibe created a flexible graph model that adapts to varying job applications processes our clients are using.

Wanderu – Lessons from Building a Travel Site with Neo4j – Eddy Wong @GraphConnect NY 2013

Wanderu is a consumer-focused search engine for buses and trains. Eddy will recount the architectural, modeling and other technical “lessons learned” and “lessons unlearned” in implementing our geospatial and search features using Neo4j in the context of a NoSQL polyglot solution.

The Rise of Graph Marketing – Jeremi Karnell @GraphConnect NY 2013

Jeremi makes the case that a similar paradigm needs to be established for Graph Marketing. He will share his working definition and review the need to define the market, benefits, channels, methods & metrics that would make Graphs central to a brand’s marketing strategy.

MySQL to Neo4j: A DBA Perspective – David Stern @GraphConnect NY 2013

This session is a walk through and best practices from installation and initial set up, through maintenance and performance tuning, all the way to production use for a series of neo4j learning opportunities for administrators.

Connections Through Friends: The Second Degree and Beyond – David Fox @GraphConnect NY 2013

This session will explore the creation of one of the largest-scale Neo4j social graphs. Discussed will be the roadblocks encountered, solutions and how we made the data meaningful to the end-user.

Analyzing Career Paths with College Miner – Matthew Harris @GraphConnect NY 2013

College Miner currently uses Neo4j to store and analyze resumes. With Neo we are able to look at career paths, timelines, and relationships of a particular resume.

Data Modeling – Michael Hunger @ GraphConnect NY 2013