Abed Halawi, Software Developer, Vinelab

Abed Halawi

Tech Lead, Vinelab

Lightning Talk: Graph at the Core of a Microservices Architecture

Managing data in a microservices architecture has never been a straightforward task. Splitting the monolith is already a complex process, let alone planning a product’s infrastructure from scratch with microservices in mind. A lot of effort has been put into finding solutions for data integration in a microservices architecture — all of which are successful when you put graphs at the heart of it.

This talk will shed the light on our journey, covering how to set up Neo4j in a microservices architecture using AWS, how to consolidate data in the graph as the source of truth, and how to use graphs as a tool to model and describe the architecture, the fleet of services, their states (metadata), and their relationships as dependencies.


Software developer, infrastructure freak, speaker and active open source contributor. Being the Tech Lead at Vinelab, he had the opportunity to evangelise tech in the region, Neo4j being at the top, after using it in large-scale projects which lead to major contributions such as authoring NeoEloquent (the PHP-Laravel OGM for Neo4j), co-organising the Neo4j meetups in the MENA region and mentoring startups using Neo4j. Software architecture is of his top interests as well and have lead to authoring the Lucid Architecture that has been announced in his talk at LaraconEU 2016.