Andreas Kuczera, Akademie der Wissenschaften, Mainz

Andreas Kuczera

Akademie der Wissenschaften, Mainz

Lightning Talk: Graphs in the (Digital) Humanities

The humanities deal with large amounts of books with historical information, many of which were digitized in the last 15 years and are available online as searchable full text. Graph technologies are used to annotate these entities – persons, events and places as well as their connections and actions – turning this volume of information into a dense network of entities. These connections have provided astonishing new insights, and in this talk Andreas will share use cases and projects in the humanities that have benefited from graph technologies and highlight which new kinds of insights we can get from this powerful combination.


Born 1972 in Gießen. 1993-1998 study of physics and history at the Justus Liebig University Gießen. 2001 Ph.D in history with a thesis about the monastery of Arnsburg. 2001-2006 research fellow in the DFG funded project "Regesta Imperii Online". 2007-2012 research coordinator for the administration of the Academy of Sciences and Literature in Mainz and co-founder of the academy's Digital Humanities department (Digital Academy). Since 2015 research fellow of the "Regesta Imperii" project with special focus on Digital Humanities methods for historical research.